The Holocaust And The Holocaust During World War II

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To many, the Holocaust is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing or remembering World War II. I feel that this alone is an argument for the Holocaust being a defining factor for the war; however, there were occurrences during this time that stand out above the others. Not only was there a mass genocide on a particular grouping of people, there were also a vast number of concentration camps and medical testing that occurred during this period. When we are taught about the Holocaust, we are told that this act of genocide was focused on the Jewish population, particularly those residing in Germany. Hitler thought that these people were greedy and evil and had to be exterminated. When the Great Depression hit, many people in Germany …show more content…
Some of these groups included disabled or handicapped individuals, homosexuals, and gypsies. Hitler viewed these people as an inconvenience and defect among the world. According to “The History Place,” a total of 5,962,129 Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Some thought that the concentration camps were places for rehomed families to live under supervision, but others had knowledge of what was going on inside the gates. Towards the beginning of the Holocaust, many of the discriminated people were deported and forced to permanently relocate their families. However, some families were not so lucky. In some cases, only the children were accepted into other countries, leaving the parents and elders either homeless or forced to endure what was going on back home. When the Jewish people were gathered, they were placed in ghettos, or overly crowded and fenced in cities. This was considered an acceptable way to house the population while still being able to monitor their day to day lives. Theses ‘homes’ were filled with multiple families and provided rather unsanitary conditions for those required to live within their confinements. Although these ghettos were not a fun or lively place to be, many would agree that they were much better than

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