The Horrors Of The Armenian Holocaust: The Armenian Genocide

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The Armenian Holocaust was a time of pure and utter despair, it was a brutal genocide that killed approximately 1.5 million people. It took place in the Ottoman Empire; the Turkish Armenians wanted to make the empire thoroughly Turkish and they especially wanted to get the Christian Armenians out of the empire. As a result, there were massacres and deportations that ended in many deaths of horrific exterminations. The exterminations consisted of torturing, enslavement, and deportations with no food or water to go along, all in order to “cleanse” the Turkish nation.
The Ottoman Empire has been known for being very powerful in the past. Although it had declined in power when Sultan Abdul Hamid was removed from the throne, he was the Sultan for
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Only 388,000 Armenians were alive once the Holocaust was over. The few survivors were so traumatized that many did not want to speak of it. Although, one man with the name of Mesrob Kloian was a survivor who shared his story of what he saw and experienced. Mesrob exclaims that the day the Turks arrived at his home, he had a feeling that he would not be seeing the place he grew up ever again. He could see the groups of people beginning their march from the window. Mesrob and his family were taken away in carts but later forced to walk with the small children resting on their backs. Mesrob was caught in the middle of a massacre and witnessed his family either be shot or taken away. Although, Mesrob escaped and was able to find a stable to hide in until he could escape. He was too close to the Turks to escape right away. He witnessed the Turks “playing a game” as he over heard some talking. The game consisted of showing mothers their babies being thrown in the air in order to slice their heads off, whoever had the best aim won. Mesrob says “What I saw there that day and in the narrow canyon has haunted me all my life”. Mesrob was only one of 388,000 Armenians who were scared not only physically, but

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