Adolf Hitler's Aim Of The Holocaust

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The definition of the holocaust is a mass scale of destruction or slaughter. In this case of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis it is a unique event that evolved from and takes place in 1933-1945 with the Jew’s being the main target in the eyes of the Nazi regime. The Nazi’s were led by a man called Adolf Hitler, also known as the Führer. He believed that the Jews were blame for the failure of World War One and were the reason why Germany had gotten to such a point where there was mass unemployment, debt and the loss of a military foothold. This spurred Hitler’s hatred for the Jews and ultimately motivated his desire to persecute them. This is supported by Hitler who stated “The symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.” This supports Hitler’s hatred of the Jews and his belief that they were to be treated with contempt. …show more content…
Another aim was to create a greater Germany and provide lebensraum (living space) for the German people by occupying Eastern Europe. His ultimate aim was to remove the Jews from all German territories. There are two main ways that the holocaust is perceived as. The structuralist school of thought is where it is thought that Hitler and the Nazis stumbled into Genocide and that the mass murdering of the Jews was seen as the only solution near the end of WW2. On the other hand the intentionalist theory is the belief that the Holocaust was always part of the Nazi’s goal and that the extermination of the Jews was going to happen regardless of the

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