What Does I Am? Essay

1029 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
There are several features about me that describe who I am. For instance; I can be funny, kind, intelligent and headstrong. However, I suffer from acute shyness and tend to panic easily and at times it has caused problems in my personal life. Such as writing essays about myself or having the confidence to stand in front of a room of my peers and present, but my shyness does not define who I am or what I stand for. What defines me are my passions such as animals and biology, my fears and anxieties, and my welcoming and perky personality. My fears aren’t something I can just get over; they stem from instances from my life I cannot control. My personality masks this problem. No one notices my fears because I’m such an enjoyable person. If I didn’t have these three factors, I wouldn’t be who I am. One of my passions has always been animals. When I was younger we always had a dog and a fair amount of cats around the house. Many people say I resemble a cat because I only want attention when it’s my idea and I can be elusive at times. I can also be very finicky about my food, for example I don’t like the crust on the curved top of the crust on my sandwich but the other three edges are fine. Another example would be that I always land on my feet no matter how far I fall. I’ve always cared for animals, and because of this I started to volunteer at the local animal shelter when I came of age. I volunteered every weekend doing anything I could to help the pets get adopted. All of…

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