Y. E Class Reflection

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Looking back over the course of the semester I am honestly slightly disappointed in my performance. If I am to just reflect on how well I did in my F.Y.E class, The Buddha and Bruce, I notice I didn’t do as well as I should of. As a first year student everyone tells me that it is normal to not do as well as you hoped, but I still feel like I could have done a lot better. One of my problems was letting my social issues affect my academics as well as attendance in classes. When I was having a bad day I wouldn’t do anything at all and would miss classes. Because I would miss, let 's say math class, I would try to compensate by working on math homework or projects during a different class time. This often times being my F.Y.E class. I recognize that just missing class because of a social problem isn’t a efficient way to make me feel better. …show more content…
You have to make all classes of equal priority and that 's something I didn 't do. Of all my classes this is the one where I read the most. This class taught me the importance of time management. The more time I had between reading and actually writing my reflection the better the writing was. Having time management is important, but not the most important thing I learned in this class. Over the course of the years I’ve become the type of person who wasn’t very open to admitting being afraid, having fears, or really any emotion at all. This class has in a way “opened my eyes.” I’ve learned that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having fears. Being able to recognize what fears I do have has helped me form a healthier way of coping with my problems. Before it was like I would just brush them to the side and simply tell myself it is what it is. The problem with that is it isn’t really coping with the problem it’s ignoring the problem. Because I now don’t see a problem with admitting a fear, I have an easier time figuring out a solution to a

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