What Are You Do Most Jobs Now Require A College Education? Essays

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Barriers to College Success
Do most jobs now require a college education? According to daily finance.com two thirds of all future jobs require a college education (1). The problem with most jobs requiring a college degree is that only 30% of Americans have a college degree (1). Now some adults are attempting to balance going back to school, on top of a full time job. Balancing a full time job with a school work load can potentially affect a student’s success in college.
A majority of Americans are going back to school to receive a degree or certificate, while working a full time job. Work-related time constraints such as having to work overtime, having to take work home as well as receiving calls from work are problems for students and can impact their success in College. For instance, one night there was a lot of assignments and studying that I needed to do after work. Unfortunately I ended up getting stuck at work for over three hours past my scheduled time. Which really impacted my school assignments as by the time I got home I was exhausted and had a hard time focusing on the assignments at hand. In addition the company that I’m employed with generally won’t promote an employee over a certain level, if they don’t have a college degree. By requiring a degree for most jobs, a majority of returning-student adults are trying to balance the load of class assignments with their work related assignments and schedule.
In addition to the work barriers students can also have a…

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