What Are The Future Goals And Career Plans Essay

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Karley Campbell

Essay about future goals and career plans

When I want to make something happen, I know that if I don’t start somewhere then it will go nowhere. Merely proclaiming, “Someday I will…” is a start, but rarely leads to the desired result.Yet, there are only so many hours in a day to achieve these goals. This is where what I call goal triage comes in. What I mean by goal triage is that short-term goals should be faced head on and of highest priority. Meanwhile, long-term goals should be kept in mind at all times and prepped until achieved, transition to short-term or are maintained. With the future in mind, I will utilize this idea of goal triage coupled with perseverance in order to attain my goals and career plans, many of which
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In particular, for the remainder of this summer I plan to continue working as many hours a week and taking advantage of all overtime opportunities. This goal will aid me in paying for college and extend the possibility that if I earn enough money then I may be able to spend a semester abroad studying Spanish in Mexico. Although the hours get very long, I am persevering through it as I remind myself how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to attend college. At the same time, I am continuing to research my degree options. My personal deadline is to have my degree decided by summer’s end. I recently learned that I may have the ability to graduate a semester early. Therefore, it is a short-term goal of mine to decide how I want to spend this extra room in my college schedule. I am considering picking up another minor, or diving right into the MBA program at my university. This semester, it is my goal to join my school’s drumline that is starting up, which would be totally new, challenging and thrilling for me. In addition, I plan to re-join the Spanish club, rotary club and outdoor activities club. On more of a personal note, I plan to use any free time to spend with family and friends, while enjoying the outdoors. Lastly, I also am working on re-learning guitar and picking up …show more content…
That being said, I also have high academic expectations that I set for myself. I am striving to make the Dean’s List at Lakeland every semester of my college career. In addition, since being elected into our Student Government Association last spring, it is a long-term goal of mine to plan more events in the Sheboygan area for our students during weekends. I want to create a more bustling atmosphere of opportunities and peer engagement for students in the community such as sports game trips, bonfires and museum tours. This mission goes along with my involvement in the Conversation partner program, where I pair international and American students together in order to foster friendships that may otherwise be difficult to ignite. Finally, my ultimate educational goal is to earn my MBA before I turn 25. If I do not choose to earn my MBA immediately after my undergrad, then having this goal will allow me to work for a while without losing sight of earning my advanced degree. It will honestly be difficult for me to leave college, as I love to learn very much, however I am very excited to see where my careers plans and goals bring

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