What Are The Advantages Of A Multiparty System

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Across the world, there are nations that agree with only two party system while others agrree with multiparty systems. Other countries like China only allow the existence of one political party in their country with no guarantee of any other party. U.S is one of the nations that has had the two party system for a very long time until it has become a tradition. In fact since 1856 only two parties have dominated the political threshold of U.S; the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. These two parties have on several occasions produced the presidents of America expect in 1912 when a third party won the presidency (Bibby, John & Louis, 337).
The case is different in Europe; multiparty system has been adopted over centuries. Countries like Germany, Italy, France and Portugal have embraced multipartyism into their political systems such that any presidential aspirant has options to join a political that he or she wants. The many political parties can at some point form coalitions or decide to work as individual parties (Laver & Schofield 25). Such countries exercise
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It acts as the opposition party to expose government frauds such as corruption and embezzlement of public resources. It is good for any government to have opposition otherwise the country might be destroyed politically, socially and economically (Bibby, John & Louis 52). This check-system is more specific than for multiparty governments where all parties want to point out mistakes from the government. It is clear that if a government happens to be faced with pressure from more than one opposition party it becomes irrelevant; because too much pressure is never contructive. Having only two parties creates a smaller likelihood that there would be disagreement and fracture within a government simply because the probability of disagreement between two people is less likely than disagreement between many

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