Democrats And Republicans Essay

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Republicans and Democrats The two main political parties in this day and age are the Republicans and the Democrats. Republicans and Democrats are very different; after all they do not technically get along all of the time. However, despite their many differences, every once and a while they have things that are very alike. The root of the two parties and the goal that they strive to accomplish is almost different every time. This is what seems to create the split in popularity where people choose what they believe and which party matches their beliefs. The two parties are almost polar opposites when it comes their end goal and what they stand for day to day. Republicans are very clear on what they stand for, as well as the Democrats are …show more content…
Democrats believe there’s not enough energy and that we should explore certain things like solar power and wind mill to generate more energy in a “cheaper” fashion. Sure, if it costed nothing it would be much more efficient and better for the environment. There are many things that make it hard to accomplish though like money and where to put these mechanisms. They cannot be put everywhere. Also, it costs millions and millions of dollars to make these machines not to mention the money it costs to transport them. Republicans say that we have enough as it is. There is no point in spending more of the nation’s money, and going more in debt when we have very plentiful resources without all of the wind meals and solar panels. The economy is not in great shape currently. Democrats are very big on the government being involved in regulated business and for lack of better words, helping run the economy. The republicans rest on the fact that the nation was built on the American Dream. The free market that the republicans believe in is a great example of the American Dream. It consists of people following their passion and choosing their occupation or running their business how they want to because after all it is their business. They don’t want the government interfering in their business and tell them what they can and can’t

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