Compare And Contrast Democratic Party And Republican Parties

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Are the Democratic and Republican parties one in the same?
Presently in the United States, our political system consists of two major political organizations, which are referred to as parties. These two parties are known as the Democratic party and the Republican party. Both parties have been in existence since the early to late 1800’s and have become the cornerstones of how our government legislates, both foreign and domestic. Each party has its own unique platform and identify themselves with the use of a symbol, the Donkey, representing the Democratic party and the Elephant, representing the Republican party. While the symbols may be 2 different animals, they were both created by the same cartoonist, Thomas Nast. While there is much
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The Democrats normally endorse social services in America on a broader scale as opposed to Republicans whose philosophy is normally based on a dominant foreign policy with limited government influence. In terms of the political spectrum, Democrats are considered as "left", while Republicans are considered "right". The far right are generally pro-military, pro-business, pro-religion, while the left tend to lean in the opposite direction. Democrats are considered more liberal, in favor of government having more control and involvement in society because they feel that it improves the quality of people's lives and helps them to achieve equality and opportunity by putting everyone on an equal scale. Republicans, on the other hand, are in favor of a more limited government with reliance more on the private sector, by avoiding unnecessary government regulations in favor of economic productivity that helps people to achieve their goals freely placing the dependency on a more individual basis. Republicans are also considered to be more conservative when it comes to issues associated with big government and see it as wasteful because it impedes the progress of accomplishing goals. When it comes to individual freedoms, rights and responsibilities, Democrats stress greater importance on social and community equality as opposed to the Republicans, who lean more toward freedoms, rights and responsibilities being up

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