Is The Electoral College Fair Essay

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Is The Electoral College Fair?
The controversy over whether or not the electoral college is fair has been happening since it was created. Many people don 't agree with how the electoral college does not reflect the true majority of votes but the electors votes instead. Others think that the electoral college was created for a reason and offers a voice to minority voters too. The electoral college is an interesting process that many people disagree with but many people realize that it was created for a reason. The process was created to give states an equal representation. The amount of electors varies upon each state 's population. Americans adopted this process from the way the romans elected electors to represent the people during the holy
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A main purpose is the ruling out of the 3rd and independent parties. The reason America’s government has a two party system is so a candidate has to win by a majority not just a small portion. If there were more than two parties a candidate could win by a just a few votes, therefore it does not please most of america. Another thing people argue is the winner take all aspect of the electoral college, yet with the two party system a large majority has to be won so it does not affect the outcome of an election.
Most people who do disagree with the electoral college believe that since it does not reflect the true majority, but others will argue that a true majority can be just as corrupt as a communist government. The electoral college offers a fair chance to minority voters who would normally have a small voice. Instead The electoral college allows everyone 's voice to be as equal as possible even though it does not reflect the true majority. It ensures that the election will offer the same voice for all citizens. If the country had a true majority democracy a state wouldn’t be able to give its minority citizens a

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