Electoral College Abolish

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Abolishing the Electoral College: is it wise? Many people have no idea what the Electoral College is. Those that are informed tend to want it gone since it does not allow the people to have a single vote. It is definitely a weird system that the U.S. uses to elect a president. The Electoral College is like a secret organization in the sense that no one really understands is. The problems that this system have been apparent the more and more that the people can be informed. The internet has helped widely with that. While the popular vote does not always get reflected right or that the Independent Candidates get lost in the system the Electoral College does keep splinter parties from over doing the process. The Electoral College does not always …show more content…
There are a lot of smaller splinter parties in this country. They all have their own views and may want to have that shown up in the top of the food chain. By getting rid of the Electoral College an onslaught of people will try to run and cause mayhem and chaos in the system. “It would encourage single-ideologues and eccentric millionaires to jump into presidential contests” (Document E). By getting rid of the Electoral College would bring the problems of those that with money could run and win even though they may not be the best candidate to run the country. It is a scary thought of some millionaire taking control of the country and just causing so many problems because they have only a single thing they want to do and no guidelines to stop them from causing those problems. It would be nice to have Independents represented better in the system it is a known system that keeps the crazies out. Most people know about who Reagan was and Carter was but not really Anderson. Anderson was Independent who got very little support compared to the others (Document B). Anderson could’ve been some crazy person who could have wrecked what the country was trying to accomplish. He could’ve blown up some counties or started wars. But who knows what those that take office will really do. The Electoral College does help keep out those that may not have boundaries and guidelines to help. “It has formed political parties, moderated our more extreme elements, and forged the presidential campaigns that have given direction to our ship of state” (Document C). The Electoral does set guidelines for each candidate and helps reduce those with extreme radical views that could very well cause this country more problems than it is worth. Big parties can have extremists but usually they get

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