Western Civilization : A State Of Corruption And War Essay

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Western civilization has far greater benefits than Marji fathomed. She is starting to realize much of advantage she is put at living in Austria than back home. “While people were dying in our country, she was talking to me about trivial things.” (Satrapi 82) While she is gone Iran is in a state of corruption and war. It is very annoying to her that the people around her are oblivious to the fact that there are other countries besides theirs not so fortunate. She from time to time will notice something from the newspapers about the war, however, the wars in other countries are never brought up. Marji finds that her priorities and delicacies in Austria are far different than those in Iran, people value completely different things as well as the sense of community in Austria is different than that in Iran. The community in Austria was lacking support for others around them. They didn’t yearn for the support of others like they did back at home. After all, I guess they didn’t really have much to hold on to or fight for. Another example of the privileges that came along with Western Civilization she observed was that supplies were not at a shortage. “It had been four years since I 'd seen such a well-stocked store. (Satrapi 111) Limited supplies in Iran were in a loose sense unlimited. Supplies were plentiful and if things ran out they would soon be re-stocked. Because of the war, being able to ship in good nonetheless afford completely stocked shelves in Iran was nearly…

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