Hillary Clinton Democratic Party Analysis

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There is a huge contrast in between both presidential candidates mentality. The Democratic party seems to be more conservative than the Republican party in many ways. In one side, we have Mrs. Hillary Clinton. She is known to be a very presidential lady with a polite personality. This candidate feels comfortable with running America the same way we been doing it. The traditional matters are important to keep, and not many changes are needed. In the other side, we have Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is attempting to change the whole system and create a political catastrophe. This system will make America great again according to the candidate.
A huge problem is arising as both candidates discuss terrorism. Hillary Clinton prefers to operate in a safe and traditional way when it comes to Muslims. The candidate wants to call terrorists radical jihadists while Mr. Trump prefers to call them radical Muslims. This generated a huge impact on the media and affected Muslims as an offensive act. It was an offensive action
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She is willing to give an opportunity to illegal aliens to stay in our country and make prosper lives. A great number of population in the United States is composed of illegal aliens that keep this country active. While Mr. Donald Trump highly disagrees with this idea. He believes that all illegal immigrants living in our great country should be removed from the root. He wants to deport a bunch of settled people back into Mexico and many other places. He wants to make the sanction for coming back illegally even stronger, this to keep them from coming. If this event takes place the whole system of the United States will suffer a depression. Many of our agricultural labors will be vacant and not everybody in America wants to be involved in them. Also, people will have to eventually start new lives from zero in a place they do not know for those immigrants that have spent the most time

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