Essay on Weight Watchers Case Study

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To be the leading weight loss service provider by assisting individuals to lose weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Watchers International will be chosen by all individuals that have a goal of improving their life through healthy living. Weight Watchers will be easily accessible for all individuals desiring to improve their lifestyle and will receive exceptional service. Services will be recognized as a superior value.

Weight Watchers is facing the issue of increased competition and cost concerns with a large majority of the population impacted in some fashion by the economic downturn. In addition they have to overcome the stigma of being viewed as the
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Achieving success with this group should result in increased revenue through the success of the program (word of mouth). This alternative also provide WW with access to the Jenny Craig clientele that they have not had access to before (opening up an entirely new membership potential).

In analyzing Alternative A, I feel that there is potential to achieve Criteria B. If WW was successful in achieving a partnership with a strong competitor, the two together have the greatest potential of achieving a larger share of the market share. Partnering together, they have the ability to access each of their market data and work together to achieve success for a large number of participants.

In analyzing Alternative A, I would be concerned about the ability to achieve Criteria C. A partnership between two competitors serving an entirely different function for WW would certainly have a great impact on growth potential but I think it would be a large stretch to imagine that it would result in retaining customers through this effort. This would be an entirely new way to provide a weight loss solution. I don’t think it would have the impact intended of retaining previous customers.

In analyzing Alternative B, I feel that there is potential to achieve Criteria A (increasing revenue). A partnership with a large fitness

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