Weight Risks Of Weight Watchers Essay

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Weight Watchers is struggling with customer retention and people hold misperceptions on the company’s offerings compared to that of other major competitors. Also, it is challenging to create a forward-focused diet plan for mainstream users trying not to steer away from the initial mission, which is fostering success through group support.
External Environment:
Weight Watchers targets women who are in the 25-55 age range, especially in North America and other developed countries where obesity is a problem. A significant proportion of the dieting population are baby boomers, which allows Weight Watchers to offer weight management tools within their target market. As obesity rates are inclining, the use of weight loss products and services are more acceptable unlike prior generation hesitations. Weight Watchers is also focusing on the underpenetrated market and has introduced a customized plan for men. These strategies has allow Weight Watchers to become more culturally relevant. The introduction WeightWatchers.com has increased brand awareness, as well as made attending meeting and purchasing products/ services convenient. This website also became the leading Internet-based weight- management provider in the world.TV advertising has also been an influence for Weight Watchers. With both online and TV advertisements, Weight Watchers has lured in a new group of customers who might not have considered the products or services otherwise.
Weight Watchers has evolved globally at a…

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