Website Usability Analysis of Essay

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Website Usability Analysis of
Elywin Dawkins
Human-Computer Interaction

Elywin Dawkins
Instructor: Paul Gold

The internet has become the primary source people frequent when searching for products, information, conducting business, and socialization. It is truly the information super highway for all subject matter known to man. Internet patrons engage in online activity because it is fast, concise, and most would agree that their tasks are completed with success – even if it’s just for browsing. When something is useable, it is not only capable of being used; it is also available and convenient for use. It is human
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Optimization of an interface using cognition to understand users can increase interaction with a product, gain loyalty, and bring success to a service provider or merchant (Bloom, 1956).
Step by Step Tasks In order to engage and persuade web users, website developers must include within their design tasks and activities that will keep the user interested in staying on the page. These tasks are generally embedded in the navigation layout of the website and are vital in influencing whether or not individuals stay to explore more or move on to the next site. The Samsung site provides quite a few tasks that are engaging and meaningful for all viewers. The primary tasks are located in the top bar of the website and are broken down into four categories: Discover, Shop, Apps, and Owners. For consumers, these are the primary reasons that the website would be visited. These tasks are strategically placed from left to right beginning with the Samsung logo and ending with the search bar.
It was with great consideration that the order of the hyperlinks appears so that the first hyperlink titled Discover provides a list of subcategories regarding Samsungs products categorized by guides to new and popular technology such as their Galaxy tablet line, home entertainment, computing, appliances, photography, services and applications, and how these products support their motto

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