Website Design : Case Study Essay

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Website design - case study

The World Wide Web has changed forever since more number of businesses choose the online website route to make their business available to the Internet Users. There has a massive leap in the number of Internet users recently. At the same time the number of Mobile Internet users have risen up rapidly to surpass the PC Internet users by a big margin. Hence it no big surprise that there are now many firms and organizations around the world looking to make a website for themselves or update their existing one to make it more appealing and keeping with times.
This is the case study of one of our clients who do not wish to disclose their name, although have been with us since a while and had quite a story to tell about how they went about finding a suitable firm for the development of their eCommerce website. There were in search for a good eCommerce Website Development firm with specific requirements and at the same time one that would not cost the earth since there had a set budget for it.

The unique challenge
Being in the business of selling fans of all kinds and being based able to sell only local in the city, in fact region was very restricting. Hence the client took it upon himself to change the fate of his firm for good and bravely take on the challenge of going online. This meant that he would no longer be restricted to a certain town or area and have the freedom of reaching a wider set of people nationally as well as internationally. Since…

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