Web Usablity Analysis Essay

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I have chosen Kiplinger's business website to conduct a web usability analysis. Interactive design is an evolutionary process, when you take identified problems, visions, needs, and wants reported by user feedback, then incorporate or fix, and further evaluate to refine and increase the success of a given product. In this case the product is a website. Sharp, Rogers & Preece, (2007) said this about iterative design, "When problems are found in user testing, they are fixed and then more test and observations are carried out to see the effects of the fixes" (P. 425). The company website I have chosen will be analyzed using a critical eye that delves further into examples of specific factors that directly impact the usability
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2). This approach plus using navigational consistency throughout the website to increase user recall and the use of smaller graphics, fewer pages and interruptions by ads, animated splash screens, and pop up windows accelerates the user’s task time and reduces unnecessary network traffic delays or errors associated with website navigation. Powell, (2002), tells us, “there are really only five general areas for navigational elements in a Web page: top, bottom, left, right, and center. Each of these locations has its pros and cons” (P. 199).

Top Navigation

The Kiplinger site has a white back ground and positions its signature Kiplinger.com blue Logo at the top left. There are 10 content links positioned at the top: The Basics, Getting Started, Investing, Your Money, Your Retirement, Spending Wisely, Your Business, Guides & Centers, and Our Best List. Powell, (2002), provided this tip, placing navigation choices at the top makes sense due to it is fairly likely navigation choices will show up immediately and traditionally in GUI, the top screen is home to primary menu’s and programs. In addition, given that the most common scanning direction of a typical web page is left to right and top to bottom, this is a good location for navigation (P 199).

Left Navigation

You will find links located on the left side of Kiplinger’s website that provides quicker navigation to popular information. A convenient search link is located at the top right and on the left side you

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