We Should Focus More On Academic Courses Than On Physical Education

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Some people believe that we should focus more on academic courses than on physical education. Although some obese student could benefit from the extra activity some are already engaged in extra activities after school (Driscoll and Ginsburg). Some people are already involved in sports so they shouldn 't be taking pe i school. It would just be a waste of time for some students. “high school student should be forced to get into PE courses because of fear of getting a low grade. Grades do matter and they are especially important to the college-bound student”(Driscoll and Ginsburg). Students are usually embarrassed or intimidated to workout, so they are grade may vary on the work they put in and sometimes no effort is shown. This matter to kids who want to go to college with a good gpa and this may affect that Traditionally, the model used for physical education programs in high school included one-to-three semesters of required gym classes, with a variety of electives available for upper-level students. Fewer and fewer teenagers, however, have been selecting PE electives”(Driscoll and Ginsburg). Some students hate pe so why should they be put in it if no effort will be shown anyway.students haven 't been choosing pe as an elective so why should they be put in it. schools should focus more on academic subjects rather than physical education classes (Driscoll and Ginsburg). Teachers should focus on educational classes more rather than pe, they say education is more important…

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