The Importance Of Preventing Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity has become a large dilemma all over the U.S and continues to raise each year. Preventing childhood obesity can lie within infancy. According to Birch and Ventura, they suggest infants pick up quickly on anything you show them which is why having them develop good eating habits while they are young seems like it can really work in terms of getting them used to good portions of food and healthy choices that prevention and treatment programs that need to be reversed. They believe that by using where the children live, it can be a possible setting for intervention efforts, for prevention efforts including the family and childcare settings. Birch and Ventura offered a solution that you can start at an early age and backed it …show more content…
One of the most beneficial preventive portions facing childhood obesity is the involvement in physical activities in their day-to-day lives. This may need the adults that are in the lives of the children to allow them to get fresh air and play each day. This helps to establish the slightest build-up of fats in a child 's body. Also means that parents will have to be an authoritarian towards the use of electronics. Kids sit around in front of a screen can be a way of breaking a sweat but not in a beneficial way. Instead, they can sign their kids up for sports or insist that the children should take part in outdoor games such as football, basketball, cycling for 9 mph as a moderate exercise, or even come up with a creative activity. A conventional one to two hours is adequate for a child 's health without causing tiredness or interruption of other activities, especially academics. Another potential approach that can be engaged is using electronics for physical actives. With games for the Wii U such as Just Dance, Zumba Fitness and Nike+ Kinect Training for X-Box 360, you can utilize the evolution of technology to get kids fit and healthy. Furthermore, this will allow children to do proactive things while being indoors. If they are going to be in front of a screen, why not add some movement to …show more content…
Schools can consider having active participation in sports and could include it as a subject. The sporting activities assist to guarantee that children grow an attraction to physical activities and shed unwanted weight. (Bauer, 2011) Schools as well as parents can encourage children to take up healthy dietary behaviors. This includes ensuring that the children do not skip breakfast meals since this is one of the causes of childhood obesity in many obese children and the most important meal of the day. More specifically, parents are assigned with the aspect of setting examples and being role models to their young ones. Parents should sustain a healthier way of life with eating and even have consistent workout routines. This can inspire children to be just as active and can lessen the contingency of development of childhood obesity. (Individuals and Families: Models and Interventions, 2001). Now this can also be easier said than

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