The Importance Of A Childhood Obesity Prevention Program

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Long Beach has a desperate need for more programs to address childhood obesity. Of its adolescent residences, 21 percent are considered to be overweight and 25 percent are considered to be obese. This means that over 50 percent of our children in Long Beach are not at a healthy weight. In order to combat this problem, we must start with a better school health program that directly targets the need of this Long Beach population. In our plan to implement a childhood obesity prevention program, we will provide our population with the tools to fight obesity. The educational aspect of our program will have two components: nutrition education and physical education. The program will be implemented in two Long Beach, CA middle school campuses; Hamilton …show more content…
By using readily available tools, such as MyPlate, students will be educated about particular food groups, portion sizes for snacks and meals, and what the daily recommended intake for these groups are. Kids will learn examples of what healthy foods are and what those foods are composed of nutritionally that make them healthy. Students will be shown how and simple journals can be utilized to log their food intake to gain perspective on their current habits. Students will be asked to adopt one of these methods so that they can analyze their food choices later in the week. Using the knowledge they have acquired, students will go through their log and replace unhealthy components of their meals, with healthier solutions they think that they would eat. The physical education component will address how crucial activity is to health. The program will list benefits of physical activity including its potential to prevent disease, reduce stress, and maintain a healthy weight. Students will complete the physical education portion through other interventions provided by our program. We will also address the consequences if one continues to eat unhealthy and live a sedentary lifestyle. Students will learn that sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits have a direct impact on becoming obese, what obesity is, which routines can lead to obesity, what the health problems are …show more content…
After this intervention, our population will be able to identify healthy foods, create appropriate meals, understand the impact food has on our bodies, realize the importance of physical activity, and become aware of the immediate and future problems obesity poses on our health.
Intervention Two: “Drink Before You Sip” Negative Effects of Consuming Sugary Beverages and Healthy Beverage Alternatives to Prevent and Manage Childhood Obesity (Best Practice)
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2011), “Teenagers and young adults consume more sugar drinks than other age groups.” According to Harvard’s nutrition source (2012), “Sugary drinks (soda, energy, sports drinks) are the top calorie source in teens’ diets (226 calories per day), beating out pizza (213 calories per day).” Due to sugary beverages being a large contributing factor to adolescent obesity we have chosen to implement an intervention called “Think Before You Sip.” The intervention we’ve chosen is a modeled after a current ongoing best process campaign in the U.S. called “ReThink Your Drink” and “Think Your Drink.” The campaign raised awareness of the negative health effects of consuming sugary beverages and caused a decrease in

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