Essay on We Need God 's Grace

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“Before we can hope to reason correctly, we need God’s grace to transform our minds” (Jones p.13). Growing up with a Catholic background, I never knew much about what theology was. I had heard stories about the study of theology, but never practiced the understanding of the things of God. I grew up in a traditional Catholic background and was baptized when I was very young. I had the support of my family to attend church and have a relationship with God. On my mom 's side, I am a 5th generation Catholic, my dad grew up Pentecostal. My dad later was baptized into the Catholic church and accepted Christ. Both my parents have influenced me into the belief of God and his teachings. I fell away from Christ a couple years ago and put my life on hold from practicing my religion. Two years ago, when I found out that my mom had stage 2 Colon Cancer and then just a week after my grandfather died of Leukemia. Being a very close kneaded family, this was an extremely difficult time for me and I found myself in a stage of not grief, but anger. I was angry at God and only him. I didn’t understand at that moment in time why he was doing all these terrible things to good people. They both believed and never did anything wrong to deserve what I thought was a punishment. I became so angry at him for what he had done, that I lost my faith in him. I felt like the relationship we had was broken and I was lost. Although, when my mom survived Cancer with flying colors, I knew it was a…

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