Essay about Walmart's Organizational Culture

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Wal-mart For most companies, identifying what a learning organization should be and actually becoming one is tricky at best, impossible at worst. One way that manager's and companies can promote the concept of being a learning organization is to assess whether the company is in need of a short-term fix or whether it is more focused on long-term results. Organizational learning is a long-term activity that will build competitive advantage over time and requires sustained management attention, commitment, and effort. Learning organizations maximize their competitive positions during strong economic times and they prudently train their employees and prepare for change even in turbulent times. As a result, learning organizations and learning …show more content…
Wal-Mart uses different types of teams to accomplish different purposes, from natural work teams made up of associates who work together in the same area and usually share the same manager and work goals to problem solving teams put together to solve a specific problem that disband immediately after the problem is solved. People orientation is created by managers who can use management philosophy as way to do this. Management philosophy is a philosophy that links key goal related issues with key collaboration issues to come up with general ways by which the firm will manage its affairs. Sam created the Store within a Store policy as a way to push responsibility downward to associates at store level. This policy was created to help give associates a feeling of empowerment, allow them to feel like more than just another employee (Berg, 2001). Wal-mart has a customer-responsive culture. One of the first things involved in the culture of a company is how the company adapts to external factors, how it will reach its goals and deal with outsiders. Corporate culture filters through to customers and vendors, an unhappy employee will project their feelings onto customers and coworkers in the company. Sam believed that the way management treated associates was the way associates would then treat customers (Berg, 2001). Wal-Mart is an organization that shows a strong culture. Associates as well as outsiders can observe many elements of the culture

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