Wall Mart Case Study

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• organizational policies on level of service-
Service- wall mart’s policy is – service to its customers, respect for the individual, striving for excellence and acting with integrity. It’s adherence to these principles has create a unique work culture at wall-mart. No matter, where the customer goes to its stores and offices in any of its brands around the world.
• Service to its customers.
• Respect for individual
• Strive for excellence
• Act with integrity
This is incorporated into every aspect of its business. Every associate from CEO to hourly associates in local stores are reminded daily that the customers why are they here. It do its best everyday to provide the greatest possible level of service to everyone it comes in contact with-
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A business is only as good as the clients it serves, and no business gets far after losing clients it has.sucess only comes by building relationships on a consistent and ongoing basis, that is relationship which goes beyond the one purchase with customer. Hence the wall-mart has developed productive and enduring relationship with the customer. The customer should be updated on various food product, beverages, grocery etc. the more value the wall-mart offers to the customers, the more number of customer depend on it. It has a tagline that there’s no such thing as over-communicating. So it keeps the customer informed. no long –term relationship survives if customer and staff are not honest with each other. Customer is smart, a mistake of telling lie should not be done, it can damage the relationship. the guiding principle of wall-mart is “your word is your bond”. Wall-mart often rewards the customers with their loyalty and with an exclusive discounts,etc. if it is successful to develop a long-term relationship with the customers. Hence, customers are core of …show more content…
Customers are the only base to successful business. Wall-mart has to be good at what it does, but having a truly successful business. Business is based on trust, satisfaction and good-will of the customer with trust, the customers will be attracted for life. Building trust takes time and lots of hard work. Wall-mart is well-known with this fact. Wall-mart has cultivated trust of customers by providing equivalent levels os service, equipping with the tools it needs, it stays with the course with their product and services, rather than constantly shifting gears to try new tactics, by creating meaningful measurements to determine whether something is working. Transparency is another competency that comes naturally in wall-mart. Activities of staff leave the customers to decide whether to buy and particularly whether to remain a customer. Wall-mart retains many procedures and policies which are enabled by excellent customer service. It produces many positive benefits from profit result. Retaining customers through effective customer service enables easier growth, indirectly and directly. High level of customer retention activities also improves customer service and motivates them. No customer wants to shop from an organization which seems like sinking ship or where stressful arguments prevail. When customers are happy with

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