Volleyball Is A Popular Sport Essay

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According to Dictionary.com, volleyball is a game in which two teams, six people on each, are attempting to keep a ball in motion over a high net, by using hands and arms to keep from touching the ground. Volleyball is a popular sport not just for women, but men also. This sport, volleyball, used to be my life until I got to high school. I have gone through many stages of volleyball that have sculpted me to who I am today. My first stage started in the third grade, when I started recreational volleyball. This stage was me getting out of my comfort zone, because I was an extremely shy child. Playing this sport with my friends created a bond that can now never be broken. The coaches I had were parents to one of my best friends, it was one of my favorite teams to play on. At this time, if anyone would make an error there were no punishments, and everyone was included. By starting volleyball at such a young age this helped influence me to play volleyball in middle school. This was one of my most memorable parts of my volleyball career.
My second stage of volleyball was my middle school, this was also the time in my life when I started club volleyball on a traveling team. These were my favorite years playing volleyball. Our seventh grade season we were undefeated, and I felt as though our team could be inseparable. In the eighth grade I tried out for a local traveling team, this is when I met some lifelong friends and made unforgettable memories. We would travel around the…

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