Personal Narrative Essay: The Sport Of Baseball

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You may only be at a ball park to witness a no-hitter once in your entire life, if ever. But to be on the team that is throwing one, an even rarer accomplishment. The possibility of being the pitcher to actually throw the no-hitter itself, almost the rarest feat in all of baseball. Excitement, adrenaline, rushed through me every time I threw the ball to home plate, and knowing that I was one pitch close to keeping the opposing team hitless. While playing some may think you feel the pressure of the game; however in my experience I felt stress free, which left my mind to only think about what pitch to throw next. The car ride to Detroit Catholic Central High School felt the same as any other car ride I have ever taken in my entire life, boring. …show more content…
Even though I was nervous, I took the mound and started back to work striking out the first batter I saw, however I made the situation interesting by walking the next batter. On a 2-0 pitch to the third batter of the inning, a groundball missile was sent to the second basemen, but without any hesitation he flipped ball to the shortstop who threw it over to the first basemen. A double play to end game and cap off the no-hitter. I ran to my catcher and we jumped up all over each other telling how good of games we all did, however we couldn’t get too excited because we still had to shake hands with the other team. I couldn’t be prouder of myself and my team after the team no hitter we just accomplished.
The first no-hitter I have ever thrown was an event that changed my life, and will never be forgotten. It was truly a team effort and taught me that it takes the whole team to complete a no-hitter, not just the individual throwing the ball to the plate. However, with that being said, it sure felt good taking home the game ball with my name and no-hitter written on

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