Essay about Virtual Classrooms Taking Place When There Is Too Much Snow

1254 Words Mar 12th, 2016 null Page
Imagine waking up in the morning, looking out the window, and seeing a few feet of fresh, untouched snow outside. The roads are covered because the snowplows have not gone through yet, and people are just starting their day. Well, contrary to a typical snow day, students still have to get up to do schoolwork because school was not canceled, it was transformed in a virtual way. The idea of virtual classrooms taking place when there is too much snow on the ground first became a test trial in Bergen County of New Jersey in 2014. In this case, since it was a trial, Pascack Valley Regional High School planned to try this experiment on a wintery “snow day” in February of the school year, so beforehand, the students were told what they had to do and attending school online was treated more like a homework assignment itself. Then, another neighboring school, Park Ridge, decided to try the virtual school day, too, in 2015. Andrew Wyrich, a New Jersey journalist, wrote an article called “Making a Virtual School Day Count” discussing how the trials took place and the changes that are being made to make a virtual school day successful. He wrote, “The virtual days in both districts will be optional -- students can either log on at home or come to school as they normally would. Teachers will be in all of the facilities, the buildings will be open and the cafeterias will be serving food.” The schools must remain open and functional in order for the virtual day to be counted as a full…

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