Violent Video Games At Blame Essay examples

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Violent Video Games At Blame Imagine, being in class and witnessing before your eyes a shooter. A person right in front of you trying to inflict as much harm as possible onto as many people as they can. Now think of why that person would do such a thing. Many would say they are crazy. Others would say he or she was desperate and some would blame other things. People often look at the killer 's past, what they liked to do and their interests. Many believe that most causes of some shooters is because of the violence from the video games they have played. Governments all over the world have threatened the ban on violent video games. Restricting these games from the public would cause outrage and even more unneeded controversy. People buy video game consoles for how much variety it brings. Limiting the violence will cause the variety to shorten. Violent video games may cause aggressive behavior, but the world of gaming needs violence in games. It creates more creativity and can sometimes help with a person 's reflexes and eyesight. Gamers have the right to play what they want. The media today destroys the entertainment of video games. Many news stations, media sources blame that a mass shooting is simply caused by video games. Like the case of Aaron Alexis, an ex-naval soldier. Trained to hold a gun and have the intention to kill someone one day. The news carelessly accused the video game he enjoyed to play, which was Call Of Duty (Burnett). Call Of Duty is considered to be…

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