Subconscious Intrusion

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The Subconscious Intrusion

Society today has gone from wanting the basics in life as our American Dream to wanting more than we ever thought we could have. At a physiological level the drama and arousal of violent scenarios serve to create a sense of hysteria, authority and acceptance that is missing from most people’s lives. A population constantly bombarded with images, sounds, and emotions of shootings, bombings and rapes have become desensitized to such violent acts, altering the American dream and becoming a by-product of the lives seen in the media. Through movies, television shows, trending song lyrics, and video games, media violence has become harmful to those who over it, while other individuals find violent behavior a mental illness.
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In today’s world, almost every time a television is turned on an individual is met with a barrage of violent images such as explosions, suicide bombings, and war casualties. Populaces endlessly bombarded with violence “61% of programs on television contain violence” (Donnerstein) learn to think of it s a valid response to life’s growing stresses. Seeing is believing, so in today’s generation children are glued to the T.V instead of studying and playing outside like they use to and are instead, busy watching violent programs which is causing a deep impact on the child’s mind and subjection to becoming mentally distracted and affected throughout their life. Studies show large scale viewing of television violence may cause children to become more aggressive and anxious. Children do not only witness and share emotions experienced by characters in the media, but also respond directly to emotionally charged events shown in the media. Children “Viewing violence can increase fear of becoming a victim of violence, with a resultant increase in self-protective behaviors and increase mistrust” (Donnerstein), causing a fear of people and increasing the weight of self-protection. Media has a tremendous amount of capacity to stimulate children’s emotions by arousing fear and anxiety. The struggle of hero versus the shadow that is shown on children’s programs cripples’ children’s to form …show more content…
Violent criminals may have chosen to play violent games at some point in their life, but there are many other gamers who play those same games every week as well and the vast majority are honorable and normal citizens in society. Banning violent media does not simply stop violent behavior, citizens have the freedom to control the amount of violence they subject themselves to “Media content does not determine the use children and adults will make of it” (Grimes et al). Every citizen in the general population has control on what the mind is subjected to seeing and interpreting. However, banning content will not reduce violence in society, there is a bigger picture needed to be looked at. Citizens from all ages interpret things differently based on their physiological aspect. The brain Interprets what is seen “Media content works through interpretation…interpretation begins in physiology and relies on social processes for consequences” (Grimes et al) and then discharges the interpretation to be recorded as a right or wrong response. One person that plays video games for twelve hours straight might go home and be perfectly fine because there was a physiological knowing of right and wrong, while a young person playing for three hours goes home thinking that he has created a good guy and can get away with shooting and killing. Aggression is defined as the intent to injure or harm another done with a physocological

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