School Shooting Research Paper

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In modern day 21st century, society has become a mixture of indecisive decisions made by individuals. These choices lead to various world-renown events, and one of the main events that humans result to within the general public is school shootings. School shootings are recurring events that are seen to bring out the “flaws” in civilization. Sociologist Glenn Muschert defines school attacks as, “rampage attacks where victims were specifically targeted or selected for symbolic reasons” (Muschert). School shootings can be prevented with thoughtful, thorough regulations of guns and psychological evaluations of human beings.
The subjects of gun control and gun regulations have surfaced in society as main ways to avoid school attacks. Strengthening
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Compassion and consideration are found through human interaction. Materialistic items can add a void to the capability of understanding other human beings. Interviewer Nichole Saidi goes into depth about the topic when she states, “Concentrating too much on technology and the self harms the ability to understand other’s emotions” (Saidi). This lack of understanding can be resolved with more social interactions. Technological advancements can cause individuals to act violently towards each other. Violence on television, social media, video games, books, and fictional scenarios can easily influence people; cutting down on the broadcasting of violence can cause a calmer society (Saidi). Less violence and more compassion can make a positive impact on one’s mental state. In addition, mass media highlights intense news and journal coverage of school shootings in a negative way, this giving incentive to individuals wanting to perform a bold action (Muschert). People perform outrageous acts for attention because of emotional vulnerability, taking the uncompassionate ideas away through media can make the individuals rethink their …show more content…
A high number of people who performed school shootings were mentally abused (Nutt). The abuse found in the social aspect of school is hardest for most children to adjust with. Bullying is a common factor that humiliates and tortures students (Nutt). This pressures humans into outrageous acts due to low self-esteem. The education system has few effective methods that improve bullying. Teachers rarely admit to faults, leading to students thinking they are being treated unfairly (Nutt). The unfair treatment leads children to resort to school shootings because of held resentment towards a school, faculty, or students (Muschert). School leaders can use the emotional information of students to create positive activities for the school as a whole. Justin Nutt also refers to the said educational problems in his article School Shootings and Possible Causes when he states, “No matter if it is bullying, teachers, mental illnesses, or especially seeking notoriety, working to increase coping skills and self-esteem in people would decrease these occurrences” (Nutt). Self-esteem is a characteristic of humans that can be built-up or brought-down by civilization. Therefore caring about mental stability can avoid catastrophic events by ensuring they get the proper care they need before an event happens (Saidi). The mentality in the human brain is unique to every person and can be hard to

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