Violent Video Games Are Not Dangerous Essay

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Violent Video Games are not Dangerous
Do violent video games have the potential to ruin the great minds of the next generation? Lately, violent video games have been wrongly accused of having dangerous, brain altering powers against the young adult minds. However, the video games that sell out after just days on store shelves have not been proven to hurt the child’s mind in the long run, they have even been found to benefit the brain. Violent video games should not be a concern to parents because studies have found violent video games are not to blame for a child’s behavioral problems, the games are acting as a stress reliever, and they are suffering from the wrongful blame that they are responsible for a mass epidemic of violence when in
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Whenever someone mentions children being subjected to violence, the first thing people think of is violence in video games. However, in reality there are factors much more common to look out for. A study found that “90% of movies and 60% of television shows depict violence, with older children watching four hours of movies or T.V. shows daily.” (Emmons) Children are constantly watching television, and whether it be in commercials or the cartoons they are watching, violence is inevitable. Caroline Knorr, parenting editor for Common Sense Media explains, “the best we are able to ascertain is that there is no one single factor that can make a non-violent person act violently. But prolonged exposure to violence in media – news or television- is a risk factor.” (Emmons) Video games as a whole are not as violent as the shows kids watch on television. An ESRB statistic found that about 14% of video games were assigned the ESRB rating of mature in 2014. (Rating) This is compared to the large 90% of movie content that is violent. Violent video games should not take the blame for American violence, when in reality other forms of media have a stronger influence and violent

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