Videotape Reflection

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The lesson I chose to videotape was a two day writing lesson I taught the second grade students. The focus of this writing lesson was for students to be able identify the overall problem in a reading and find strong evidence that shows how the problem was solved. Then once that strong evidence was found, the students needed to write a written paragraph that answered how the problem was solved. I began teaching this lesson on Tuesday, March 22nd, and began videotaping the last portion of the lesson on March 23rd. This was because on March 22nd, the students were doing more reading and group work, whereas on Wednesday I was discussing with them and explaining how to respond to our questions of, how did the engineers and scientists solve the …show more content…
The students were all gathered on the carpet, and most of them were engaged, but there were still those few students whose minds were elsewhere. I tried to find ways to gather their attention by having them show me “strong evidence” with their arms and making silly comments as to what weak evidence would like, but that only held their attention for a minute or two. Once I sent the students back to their seats, a handful of them were confused about what they needed to do, even though I had just went through the steps with them. So this shows me that either I did not explain well, or they were not paying attention. Either way, it is something that I need to work on for both …show more content…
When I was talking to students and responding to their answers, I was not clear in my responses and would go back and forth. I would also jumble my words up, which then confused the students. So, this tells me that I need to be more prepared before I teach and prepare the questions I am going to ask, what I am going to say, and the responses I want to get from my students. In addition, I do believe that I implemented the lesson well. I had students summarize the reading from the day before, remind me of the solution, and then I modeled how to answer our question in a written paragraph. The students were all able to respond and complete the assignment fully, so that was a strong sign to me. Obviously, there are areas that I still need to work on and will continue to.
Another part of my teaching I noticed I need to work on, is the expression in my voice. My voice stays the same as I am teaching and does not sound exciting or engaging, at least not to me! Students are engaged, if you sound and look engaged, so that is definitely something I am going to work on. In addition, I need to work on the way I move through the room. When I am at the front of the room, I stay at the front of the room. I don’t think that is completely bad, but it is also not great. So, I am going to work on moving through the room as I talk to the class and teach

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