Susan Cisneros Reflection

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IPC Redux

This is the reflection on the redo for IPC 1. For this read, I was given “XXXXXXXX” by Susan Cisneros. During this IPC I took a different approach and used the advice and counsel of m coach which I hope lead to a more enriching experience for my students. During the planning phase for this, I took additional time to become familiar with the text so that the seemed organic to me. I can remember when I was in school, when a teach read I was amazed they knew all the words and could make the characters jump off the page. With XXXXXXX, I tried to learn the story and understand the author’s voice. I also thought of the presentation and how I would introduce this to my students. This story is out of the norm for our curriculum, but it was easier once I had the support of my school. I also chose to use my class with the most nonengaged learners
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Once I began to read, I had 100% of the class. This diminished over the course of the read, and I would like to work on that in future. However, as I stated before, this was my class with the most unengaged learners, so to get 100% at any time is a win for me. I was pleased at the level of attention and thought as we moved to the turn and talk. While not directed at me as the teacher, some of the comments where well thought out. This may be because, I did tie this lesson to our theme of the week of critical thinking. Again, I was apprehensive about the turn and talk, but it turned out well. This allowed me to move through the rest of story, but also, I think it allow my learners to continue to process the story and led to the sharing of Brenia’s story of losing her mother (10:12) during the group discussion.
1. Explain how you elicited student response to promote thinking and develop understanding of the process and content

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