Are Video Games Good Or Bad

Everyone has their own opinion about video games, but what if video games can actually be good for you? Let us not make an assumption though. In this paper, we will discuss both sides of the argument. Video games can be good for a person if done in moderation. There are two main points, good aspects and bad aspects, about video games. Each of the scholarly articles in this paper will help prove the point that while there are bad aspects about video games, there are also aspects points. “A majority of the video game literature focuses on the negative effects of violent gaming. In addition, research tends not to analyze in-game practices of varying game genres instead, re-searchers treat games as largely uniform interactive media” De Simone, …show more content…
That argument has a great deal of validity to it. In all honesty, there is a real problem with people being addicted to video games. People do not know when to stop playing. There was a story online of a young couple that had a baby. They came home one Friday night and started an online video game marathon. Meanwhile, they left their two month baby in his carrier. They did not stop to feed or change their baby. On Monday one of their neighbors called the police because he kept hearing the baby cry and then early on that morning the baby had stopped crying. He said he had not seen the parents come out of the house and was worried. So the police came and knocked on the door. It took them 15 minutes to even come to the door. The police officer said that the baby died in the house having not been fed or changed that entire weekend. He said any person could have heard the baby crying because it was hungry or dirty, but these parents were so involved and stuck in their video games that they did nothing while their two month old baby died in his carrier never having been taken out that weekend. In every sense that is a perfect example of why video games are bad. To many, that would be enough ban video games

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