Video Games : A Popular Hobby For Many People Essay examples

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Sports video games, video games that replicate a real life sport, have been around ever since the first video game console, Magnovox Odyssey, was released. Magnovox Odyssey consisted of a tennis game, which was the first ever sports video game. Atari’s Pong, also one of the very first video games, was another sports video game and also one of the very first video games, was also a replica of table tennis (Suellentrop 7). As the video games have become more realistic and more popular amongst sports fans, they have created a vast impact on the video gaming industry. FIFA, a soccer video game by EA sports, captured 10% of the 351 million video game playing soccer fans around the world (Consalvo vii). Today, sports are a popular hobby for many people, but if a player wants to become the best, they must have many skills and attributes. Cognitive and social skills, knowledge of repeated runs or plays, good visual search skills, and the ability to anticipate future actions are all important abilities that benefit decision making in sports (Mulligan 2). Likewise, experience is also a very important part of becoming a good athlete. The best professional athletes have years of experience and practice, which are vital to the development of elite skill (Mulligan 1). Video games have impacted many aspects of human life, but only recently have the true impacts of sports video games been discovered. As video games grow increasingly popular among sports advocates, they are beginning to…

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