Vegemite Marketing Mix Essay

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Table of Contents
Executive summary 1

Company objective 2

Market Overview 2

Market category 2

Market size 3

Market Potential 3

Market Structure 4

Trends 4

Demographic 4

Culture 4

Economic 4

Natural 5

Technological 5

Social 5

Political 6

Competitor 6

Factors influence on consumer behaviour 6

Segmentation 7

Internal analysis 8

Product 8

Price 9

Promotion 9

Place 10

SWOT Analysis 10

Strength 10

Weakness 11

Opportunities 11

Threat 11

Conclusion 12

List of reference 12

Appendix A 13

Appendix B 14

Appendix C 14
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Vegemite, which claimed to be originally from Australia and being one of the staples good for most Aussie people, however is believed to be also affected, shown by declining in their recent sales. Nevertheless, because the price are affordable by most people in Australia, then the future sales are expected to recover as it didn't give a big negative impact on the Kraft food company which representing Vegemite.


Public concern about environmental issues, such as drought, bushfires, water conservation and climate change, can influence actions taken to protect and restore the environment. These actions may be undertaken by individuals, governments, non-government organizations or industry, and may include the development of policy initiatives, public campaigning, petitions, membership of environmental groups, volunteering and donations. Individuals can also demonstrate concern for the environment by undertaking personal environment protection activities, such as recycling and reducing electricity and water consumption.

Kraft Foods Australia is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, preventing pollution and promoting the sustainability of the natural resources upon which we depend, while providing quality products that meet the needs of our consumers.

We also are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and to meeting or

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