Vark Essay

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VARK Analsis Paper
Grand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health Promotion
Deshawna Williams
November 30, 2014

Understanding your learning technique can be beneficial. It can allow one to be more organize and decrease time spending organizing notes repeatedly. The VARK technique is one tool to help people understand their learning style. This tool consist of questions to determine the best way you learn. The questions are straight to the point and your final analysis is based off the way you respond to the questions. You can chose just one answer or multiple to define how you would respond to different scenarios and situations. This paper will discuss this writer preference learning style, differnet
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Looking at pictures, videos, posters and listening to lectures allows me to organize information in my head. I’m able to see the big picture and grasps the overall concepts. Reading is an important method for me when learning as well. Reading material and highlighting the key points allows this author to focus on what she truly don’t understand. This helps when studying for test as this writer reads the information once and then goes back highlighting the areas needing clarification. This process allows me to embed and recall the information in my head instead of just memorizing. Depending on the educator and their ability to explain information aural style is very enjoyable for me. Sometime this is more beneficial than taking notes to review later. This writer usually request to tape the lecture to have the ability to listen at a later time. This author is than able to focus more on the educator and be more involved versus trying to make sure she’s writing down all information that appears important. This only works when the educator is organize with information and is knowledgeable on the topic that is being taught.
Preferred learning strategies to the identified strategies for your preferred learning style.
Little differences are found when comparing the learning strategies to the identified strategies. Cisco systems survey reveals that “students tend to learn more when taught through multiple modes and media rather than in just a single mode.”

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