Vark Assessment Essay

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Vark Analysis
Lindsay Williams
Grand Canyon University

The Vark assessment tool is a questionnaire that will provide the user with an understanding about the type of learner they are, and what are the most useful resources to for maximum learning. The questionnaire consists of 16 questions which are aimed at isolating a learner’s preference to give them a better understanding of what is most effective for their retention of information being taught.
According to the Vark questionnaire, there are four types of dominant learning styles; Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic. Additionally, Vark introduces a sub category of learning called multimodal. (Fleming, 2011)

If the learner has a preference for Aural style of learning, he
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60% of the population achieves a score indicating that they are a multimodal learner. (Fleming, 2011) Multimodal learners tend to adapt to whatever mode of teaching is being presented rather than associating with only one or the other learning strategies. Essentially multi modal learners are able to tailor their learning experience to what is being presented rather than having to work around it to fit the category of learning they fall into.
According to the Vark questionnaire, this author shows a strong preference towards the read/write strategy of learning. As stated above, the read/write strategy incorporates lists, definitions, handouts, textbook, notes, and textbooks. This author tend to be a “hands on” learner. This author repeats an action, after having observed it, in order to concrete it in the mind. Like the old saying goes, “see one, do one, teach one.” That knowledge suggests a propensity towards being a kinesthetic learner rather than a read/write learner. Lists, diagrams, verbatim notes and repetition have always been helpful in past experience (read/write strategy), however trial and error, samples, physical exhibits, lab manuals and the use of senses tend to concrete ideas more in my head than the read/write strategies. If one were to ask, the multimodal strategy would be what this author would MOST identify with when learning. A comprehensive approach of

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