Essay on Uses And Management Of Nuclear Resources

806 Words Dec 19th, 2016 4 Pages
For this Essay the best range of materials to consult were all governmental websites. These sites could be fully trusted to share accurate information on the topic of Uses and Management of Nuclear Resources. Each source consulted helped give a better and better understanding of the topic so that anyone who consults this essay can know everything about nuclear resources after reading.
With the consultation of government websites that gave the information Included into this essay full credibility. With user created .com sites the information can be old, and or invalid. Coming from government websites the information maintains a regular update that makes the information up to date so that if anything changes it will be added instantly. That made the consultation to these sites easier knowing that each that was provided had an accurate list of sources the site cited if the reader wanted to go read more information. The basis of the material consulted ranges widely from the history of disposal of nuclear resources to all the good uses nuclear resources has. With the Topic being Uses and management of nuclear resources everything conforms nicely with the topic. Each source consulted was very well known including National Geographic that is known for their cable airings. Making sure each site is credible was the main focus in searching for these key sources. Having a known agency or author provides the reader with assurance that the information being given is definitely valid.…

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