Case File Two: Assignment 2 Answers

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Case File Two: Assignment Two
1. Describe the children’s risk factors and protective factors that are present in this case. Please include working definitions of “risk factor” and “protective factor” in your answer. Attempt to identify at least 3 risk factors and 3 protective factors.
Throughout the case file, children were faced with a lot of different risk and protective factors. Over the years, the children’s father would abuse their mother in front of them, and then abused them while in Jamaica. Their father’s aggressive behavior was the main risk factor. However, when the mother flew home the next day, she made sure a medical professional checked them all out. The mothers love and protection was a huge protective factor for the children
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Examine Thomas’s drawing and offer your assessment. What do you think you can learn from the drawing? What questions might you ask Thomas about the drawing?
While examining Thomas’s drawing, you could see that Thomas, Mommy, and Megan were holding hands, but daddy was not. Also, daddy has a lot of arms going in different directions, so we could assume that it is the motions of the hands going up and down. Daddy is a lot bigger; this may indicate he is the dominant parent. Before believing these assumptions, we must ask Thomas about his picture. According to the case file, “Thomas pointed at himself and said he was in charge now” (p.3). There are many questions we could gather from this picture: Why does daddy have a lot of hands and arms, Why is daddy not hold hands with the rest of the family, Why are you in charge now, and Why does daddy look sad? After Thomas answered our questions we must use precaution and try to provide the appropriate care for Megan, mommy, and Thomas. So, therefore, this would be what I gathered from Thomas’s picture.
5. What concerns do you have for each child? Prioritize those concerns in a list (paragraph not required here).
After reading the case file, there are a lot of concerns for Megan and

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