UC DPT Career Goals

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I chose to apply to the UC DPT program for several different reasons. The main reason for my decision is the success that UC has had with the DPT program in the past. Before applying, I researched statistics of the UC DPT program and it’s graduates. I found it highly appealing that there has been a 100% passing rate for the last two years with students becoming employed within 1-6 months after graduation. My overall goal is to begin working as soon as possible once I have received my license. My long term career goal is to become a hippotherapist in the physical therapy field. Prior to beginning my career as a hippotherapist, I plan to benefit from the knowledge I will receive in customary settings to gain hands on experience. I believe the UC DPT program will provide me with the …show more content…
The UC program offers 41 weeks of clinical experience in several facilities including hospitals, sports medicine centers, geriatric and pediatric centers, and other various settings. This clinical time and working closely with the clinical instructor will provide me with the first hand practice I need to be a successful physical therapist. The program is also uses an evidence based approach over a traditional approach which I find highly advantageous in this type of field. I look forward to attending a school with small enough classes that will allow me to personally know my peers and instructors. Therefore, finding that class sizes are approximately 30 students per class I became highly interested in the program. I find smaller classes to be beneficial due to the individualized attention that is more likely to be available when needed. Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with any of the faculty and staff at this time. However, I have been in contact with several students currently pursuing their undergraduate degrees at the University of

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