Pros And Cons Of Being A Physical Therapist

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Injuries are a natural thing in human nature. When breaking a bone, there is a specific person who specialize in these type of situations to go to for help. When seeking a career as a physical therapist, a person must carefully look into the responsibilities this will entail, the skills one must have to succeed, plus other important aspects such as working conditions, salary, and the future of the job; however, just as important is to carefully seek out the University Of Texas Pan-American (UTPA) which will best prepare one for this profession.

The tasks and responsibilities of a physical therapist include Patient Assessment: “physical therapist must perform an initial assessment of a patient’s illness or trauma in order to determine what the best course of action will be to restore mobility, alleviate pain or prevent further deterioration. During the assessment, physical therapists evaluate a patient’s ambulation, balance, coordination and control, among other physical abilities”. Formulate Patient Care Plan: “When formulating this plan, physical therapist often consult with other specialists and medical personnel including doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists,
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The few pros to a physical therapist are: High level of education- you will gain advanced knowledge in many areas of health and science. Excellent job opportunities- physical therapists are in high demand. Excellent salaries- “In 2009, the average physical therapist salary was approximately $ 75,000”.(ptjobsforyou). Opportunities for interaction with people - people in physical therapists careers will not be “ stuck- behind desk” all day and will usually get to be very active. ( Can often find part-time work: makes it ideal as a career for those who wish to have plenty of time to devote to having a

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