U-100 Mentor Reflection

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The first week as a U-100 mentor has been great. On the first day of class as a U-100 mentor, I can honestly say that I was very nervous as well as very anxious. However, the nervousness and anxiety quickly faded away after meeting with the U-100 instructor before class. What made things better was when the instructor explained what she expected from my part as u-100 mentor, but more importantly, allowing me to contribute in class discussions when I felt it was right. Therefore, I did not feel a sense of pressure to have to talk every other minute. It also helps to be partner up with an instructor who is very organized and structured in the way they run class. As far as individual meetings with U-100 students, I have yet to meet with them. I do feel nervous going into these individual meetings. The reason I feel nervous is because I feel that at times I …show more content…
I currently work at East Los Angeles College for the First Year Experience (FYE) Adelante program. One of my job responsibilities is meet individually with a caseload of 100 students once per semester. Since I did start my GA in the summer right after finishing the summer semester, I have had the opportunity to meet with students one on one. At first I was really nervous because I was thrown right into it. I did not have any training because of sudden change of location and director of the program. However, I am fortunate to work alongside great colleagues that have made the transition easier because I can lean on them for advice, since the have more experience in the field. More importantly, the experience I have gained throughout the summer will definitely help me as I began meeting with U-100 students. Furthermore, the one thing that has stuck with me thorough this summer experience is learning to not give advice to students but rather helping students to advocate for themselves and become

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