My Experience As A Medical Assistant Student Reflection

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This summer I started at ITT Tech. I started off a medical assistant student. I was going to class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I went to class for six weeks, I learned a lot. In those six weeks I had three classes, Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Medical Terminology for Health Care, and Strategies for the Technical Professional. In anatomy and Physiology I we learned the human body using a systems approach, focusing on the integumentary system, bones and skeleton tissues, joints, and muscles, the nervous system, special senses and the endocrine system and we also had labs to complete which included dissecting. In my anatomy’s class we dissected a fetal pig. We cut open the fetal pig and seen certain part of the pigs organs. We had to determine …show more content…
He told about the classes here at BMC and how the classes were one month classes and gave me a lot of information about the school he even told me how they would even assist me on getting a job that would work around my schedule which I thought was good.
He gave a tour of the school and assured me how this would be a good school for me. Warren set me up to get my paper work done with financial aid with Tiffany a financial aid rep . I started BMC in September, my first class was a professional development, a class that was very motivational and encouraging taught by Mrs. Vogal , she made me think about a life and how I can be whatever I want and that how we need to take time out and enjoy life sometimes.
My second class was Fundamentals of English with Mrs. Selby which was good class taught me things I needed to refresh on since I been out of for eighteen years. This class reminded of such things as were to put commas, apsotrophes, semicolons, colons and how to use quotations. We also learned how to write different types of essays. It was sometimes overwhelming at times because I had so much going on with my kids and being a single parent alone can sometimes be stressing at times but that’s my life. I just continue to pray and stay around positive and encouraging
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I also told a friend about BMC. I told him how this school was very encouraging and how he should too come up to BMC and see if this would be a good school for him to attend. He started here in October of 2014. He told how Mrs. Vogal was very inspiring person and how he wants to start an organization for young teenagers that have no one in their life to encourage them. I think glad I started here at BMC. My teachers have been great so far. I like how we have breakout sessions once a month. These are 30 minute sessions in which we a have our counselor over our program of study come and talk to us to see how we are doing in our classes and to give updates on what’s going in our school and that if we ever have any kind of problems or concerns to come and talk to them. I will have completed my program of study in the spring of 2016 with an associate degree in business of applied

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