Tropical Hut Case Study Essay

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Tropical Hut The Pioneer Fast food Industry in the Philippines: A Case Study.
It started in 1962 when Que family had this idea of putting up a coffee shop within the confines of their supermarket. With its place strategically located near supermarkets, it has been attracting families and friends for lunch or light snacks after grocery time. Tropical Hut is one of the oldest fast food chains in the Philippines. It is a local fast food chain that made the burger become popular. It was first established in Cubao during 1962. Filipinos love or food makes us fans of different cuisine. Hamburgers, a ready-to-eat comfort food introduced by the Americans, have undeniably become staple on Filipinos everyday food. From a variety of
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Today although many of its branches around the country are still in business, some tropical hut branches are outdated and neglected. Before Jollibee, before McDonalds, before Burger king, before anyone else, it seems, there is Tropical Hut Hamburger it is, indeed the best it could ever be. But that was long ago. Now, Tropical Hut is just a vestige of its former self. It is not as clean or as well kept as McDonalds or Jollibee. And they have very poor image. Although food is good.

Why Tropical Hut is not into franchising? Tropical Hut Hamburger Inc. views the relationship between franchisor, franchisee and supplier to be of paramount importance to the success of the business. Tropical Hut Hamburger recognized the need very early on for franchisees that would dedicate themselves to their restaurants. He wanted people who had to give up another job to take on the franchise venture, relying on their franchise as their sole source of income and would therefore be highly motivated and dedicated. Consequently, Tropical Hut Hamburger Inc will not offer

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