Marketing Strategy Of Domino's Pizza And Pizza Hut

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Comparative Study on marketing strategies of Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut

Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut aim to provide quality food and to deliver excellent customer service. They both use geographic, psychographic and demographic factors to reach their target market.

Marketing Mix of Domino’s Pizza

Product: Domino’s Pizza implemented an adaptive strategy, in order to create different pizzas to suit the likes of consumers from different countries. Due to increasing popularity, Domino’s Pizza has introduced desserts and side dishes to their menu.
Price: Domino’s Pizza implemented a Product Pricing Strategy. This has helped Domino’s Pizza to offer lower prices of products than their competitors.
Promotion: Domino’s Pizza has used technology
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Due to increasing popularity, Pizza Hut has introduced pizza folds, pasta, salads, chicken, chips and desserts to their menu.
Price: Pizza Hut implemented a Premium Pricing Strategy. Pizza Hut has done product bundling (selling groups of products at a discount) for combo meals. They also lower the prices of their products in order to have a greater competitive advantage.
Promotion: Pizza Hut has introduced new marketing vehicles. They have experimented with their brand by changing ”Pizza Hut” on takeaway boxes with “The Hut”. Pizza Hut advertises their products and services on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Pizza Hut is very famous for their television commercials where they advertise their products. Yum Brands (parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell) helps Pizza Hut use their resources and networks effectively in order to increase the growth of the business.
Place: There are more than 13 000 Pizza Hut restaurants open in more than 100 countries internationally. Pizza Hut is ideal for family style dine in locations, shopping malls, theme parks and food
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• Better public image: Domino’s Pizza has been part of many innovations that has helped the food delivery industry. Examples include the insulating pizza bags, stronger pizza box, Live Pizza Tracker and Pizza Builder.
• Better use of technology: Domino’s Pizza uses more technology than Pizza Hut in order to market their products. Examples include Domino’s Pizza’s creations Live Pizza Tracker and Pizza Builder. People are surrounded by technology and many people use it. Technology can make it easier and cheaper for a business to market their products.
• Results from questionnaire: The answers from the questionnaires indicate that more people prefer Domino’s Pizza over Pizza Hut.
• Domino’s Pizza has become the biggest pizza chain: It has been announced earlier this year that Domino’s Pizza has become the biggest pizza chain, taking the title from Pizza Hut. Domino’s Pizza global retail sales exceeded $12.2 billion in 2017. Pizza Hut’s global retail sales was reported as $12.03 billion.

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