Trip Alone To Chicago: A Short Story

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Trip alone to chicago for the summer. I will never forget the summer I got to spend 3 weeks in Cicero with my Bestfriend. We

were waiting for this moment for a while to get to spend more time over there and explore a lot

more things. I've been there before many times,but only for hours not days. Also we never really

got the chance to Roam around downtown and see the big buildings and lights and eat all the

yummy food, just me and my best friend so this time was different. I saved all my money hopped

on a train and was ready for a good summer and ready to create new great adventures and more memories so I was really excited to see how things would workout this summer.

I remember waking up early in the morning around 7:00
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I didn't explore the train station to much I was ready to get out of there I went down the escalator and was headed towards the

revolving door so I could finally enter the streets of the Windy City a place i hadn't seen in so long and the city I love so much. I had to stand outside and just take it all in for a second. I was finally there and I did it all on my own. Looking around and herring all the car noise, seeing all

the people and taxis and just looking up at the tall buildings made me realize I had finally

accomplished something without anyone's help and without any trouble along the way. I called

my best friend and told her I was here she told me to just stay where I was and to give her sister

directions to the place I was at. All I could think was oh no I'm horrible at directions this made

me very nervous but luckily they were already downtown because they knew I was coming so

they weren't to far just a couple minutes away at millennium park where the bean is. I tried to

explain to her directions from there and that I was next to a restaurant called pot belly but that didn't help at all because there was over 10 Pot Bellys downtown. So I just stayed in front of

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