The Importance Of The Deaf Event

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When I first heard that I needed to go to a deaf event I was a little nervous. I felt like I was not going to like it and or Feel like everyone was going to talk about me. I heard that some people in the deaf community are rude to hearing people. So I was just hoping to be accepted as a person who is learning ASL. I was very skeptical to what I was about to embark on. This deaf event did change how I viewed the deaf community.
At a young age, I witnessed people using sign language. I did not know what it was. I would laugh at people signing to one another and mimic the deaf people. I now know that it is not to be made fun of. The people did not choose to be deaf it is something that just happens. I have researched some famous people who paved
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The event started at 6 p.m. As I walked in the place it looked like a ghost town. There was nobody insight. So, I figured that these events were not popular. I continued walking straight and turned to the right and there I saw a few girls. One of the girls was Sandy from class. Which was a big surprise to me because she was there on a Spring Break day .I checked my watch and it was 6:20 p.m.The other girls from the table were from Chaffey College as well. One older woman was sitting at the next table. She told me she was born deaf. The most fascnating thing about her was that she could speak like a hearing person but only in a low …show more content…
It was very repetitious so I got better. I kept getting the same questions over and over. Those questions became easier to answer I knew how to sign them. The questions I was being asked were “What 's your name? What ASL are you in? What school do you attend? How old are you? Where do you live? I got confused on some of their questions because their hand speed was 10 times faster than I am used to. I was only planning on staying for one hour because it was getting late but I was so caught up with everyone 's conversations and learning new signs that by the time I looked at the clock another hour went by. I didn’t realize how long I have stayed there. I stayed for 2 hours and I was only expecting to say 1 hour. While, I was there I met a man named Jeffrey. He was very kind and polite to me. Jeffrey, is 60 year old deaf man who travels over 50 miles to come to this deaf event. He was also walking around asking other people who was sitting around what their signing name was. So, I then asked him what My Signing name was. He asked me my name again then he showed me my signing name. My Signing name looks like 2 “R”s being shaken front to back with both hands at the same time. It looks pretty cool and I didn 't mind how my signing name looked. When Jeffrey signed his name it was amazing because he did 2 F’s with both hands instead of doing the double F that we have learned in

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