Transparence Of Internet

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The technology takes over in the world. More invention coming, more human wants to create. The technology never been my things. I never be involving in it, even in this days the technology become necessary. However, I use internet just for necessary, as my school homework, at a work, check my email, talk to someone, for fun also. Contrary, the people my age love technology. They want to know everything in the technology. The circle is internet company have power in the world. The internet is use more often at our society now. The internet is use at work, to give the information., communicate. Therefore, internet is about the transparence, takes away humanity, privacy is not matter.
The internet one of technology use most by people is about transparence. As internet company, the
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At circle, everyone work is score every week, and they expect you score 100 percent The circle as company work for government transparence, is it good to know clarity what is going in our country. We live in the world which safety requires most now. The transparence will decrease all kind of violence. The camera invented by the circle can help you see everything. All those are the advantage of technology in the world. Using smart phone, email, using internet at work, all is about transparences.
The internet takers away humanity. We are so focus on internet and we forget about sense of humanity. More often we use our phone to call someone, we forget about visit someone is more human. We are so involving in text message, even living with family in same house, we prefer to text or call than go to meet the person face to face. The modern company does job interview on internet, or by phone, and many applications are done none by internet or by phone. I am agreeing is good things, everything is easy and save time to everyone. But humanity is matter, that’s the Circle wants the workers to be human not

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